Daily Health Tips: Diabetic With Peripheral Neuropathy…Where Do I Start?!


Q: Good Morning Dr.
My problem and concerns are as follow
1) I’m a diabetic and eating right/losing weight is a major,major downfall 4 me.
2) I also have R/A causing my knees 2 ache on a daily basis which prevents me from doing a lot of normal life things.
3) Have developed Neuropathy from the diabetes and this is so painful.
So you see I have a lot of health issues. Where/What/When do I start to make a difference and begin to do something to if not get rid of, at least begin to live with all of these issues.

A: Thanks a lot for writing in and hey! It’s not as bad as it all seems. First, you’re alive. Then you do know that you have some issues that have to be dealt with and finally, you’re willing to put in the work. So, you’re halfway to victory…

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