#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Why Does My Baby Cry Before He Poops?

Q: Greetings Doc, please my two-month-old exclusively breastfed baby cries much whenever he wants to poo and when he poops at last, it will be strong. Please what should I do?

A: In exclusively breastfed children, there can be episodes of lots of days without defaecation. This is not described as constipation. In children, the focus is more on the texture of the faeces when the child eventually defaecates as opposed to how often he goes. The ‘long duration’ in between stooling for exclusively breastfed babies is because the nutrients of breast milk are usually, practically all absorbed, leaving nothing to be excreted. Provided the eventual stool produced is not hard, then your baby should be okay.

I’m curious about the fact that you said your baby’s stool is strong. Is that because he cries before he poops? You should know that babies cry to increase pressure in their tummies, which helps push out the stool. It’s not about constipation. Where in doubt, it never hurts to see your baby’s doctor.

For more on constipation in babies, please click on https://chatwithdrketch.com/2014/10/15/daily-health-tips-is-my-2-month-old-baby-constipated/

Have a great night, y’all and a fabulous week ahead 😀

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