#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Irregular Periods After Using The Morning After Pill

Q: Good day Dr. I have a problem. January this year, a condom burst but I got morning after pill the following day. In the very same month, I had my periods; also the following month (February). Then in March I only had my periods for 2 day and had drops. Normally it’s 4 days. I bought almost 5 pregnancy tests and they were all negative. Last month I went to the clinic and did another pregnancy test. It was negative so I took 2 months contraceptive injection. So now I am having back pains and every time I squeeze my right breast liquid comes out. Is it possible that am pregnant

A: The morning after pill which can be taken within 72 hours (some can be taken within 5 days) of unprotected intercourse, can help prevent pregnancy. But it does not protect you against sexually transmitted infections (STI) and this is a key concern given the recent history of burst condoms.

Please don’t forget that there is a simple ABC that guides these affairs. The first is abstinence. Honestly, this is your safest bet. If you’re not ready to deal with the responsibilities of having a baby, please leave well alone. You can’t have an STI, HIV/AIDS, or otherwise if you don’t have sex. And of course, you can’t get pregnant. Now, if abstinence is a problem, be faithful to one partner…who hopefully is being faithful to you too. If you can’t swear on this, revert to plan A. Finally, if all else fails, ensure that you use a condom to prevent STIs and pregnancy. As you have found out, this can also fail!

Contraception is a good option but the answer to proper contraception is not popping a pill in panic whenever you happen to have sexual intercourse. Emergency contraceptives have their place but they are not meant to take the place of regular contraceptives, as they are less effective than the regular ones. Regular use of these emergency contraceptives may cause your periods to become irregular and unpredictable. Is this the case with you? Have you been using the emergency contraception a little too often? It could explain your symptoms.

I think that you have probably thoroughly ruled out pregnancy now with the battery of pregnancy tests that you have done but perhaps, you should consider going to the hospital for a hospital-run pregnancy test and a general check, especially for STIs given the history of burst condom.

Breast discharge can be due to other causes other than pregnancy and breastfeeding and they include:
•  Stimulation of the nipples during sexual foreplay or even pressing the nipple by people who are worried about the nipple discharge or friction between fabric and nipple can lead to nipple discharge.
• Breast abscess or infection
• Hormone imbalance
• Injury to the breast
• Some medications
• Cancer of the breast

To determine cause, the doctor may do a scan, take tissue sample to examine (biopsy) etc
Treatment depends on cause. If due to pregnancy or breastfeeding, it will eventually stop. If due to stimulation, the discharge will continue as long as the stimulation is present. If due to injury, it will also stop with healing. If the discharge is due to medication, stopping the medication is sufficient to bring this to a stop.

Bloody discharge, discharge from one breast only and discharge that happens spontaneously without the breast being touched or pressed is likely to be abnormal. These should be checked out as soon as possible in the hospital.

If the discharge is present during a menstrual period and persists into the next cycle, please see your doctor too.

All the best!

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