#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Sleep Talking


Q: Hi
Dr. Ketch, I really need your help so bad because I have a huge problem every
time I go to sleep. Every time I sleep, I always experience “SLEEP
TALKING”. How can I prevent that illness? Doc please help me! Thank you!

A: Thanks
for writing in!

talking refers to talking during sleep without being aware of it. This is
medically referred to as somniloquy. Sleep talking may be spontaneous or triggered
by conversation with the ‘sleep talker.’ The sleep talkers may mumble simple
sounds/gibberish or long speeches; they may talk for a few seconds per episode
or several times during the night; they may whisper or shout; they may appear
to be talking to themselves or other people; voice and language may be similar to
or different from normal etc. The list goes on…

talking is common in children and appears to run in families…

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