#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Handling Stress

We all go through stressful days and sometimes it becomes so present in our lives that it is ‘normal’. Here are 5 signs that you could be suffering from stress:
• Feeling of Light headaches, dizziness or faintness
• Over-reactions to petty annoyances
• Constant tiredness weakness or fatigue
• Feeling overloaded or overwhelmed
• Difficulty concentrating, racing thoughts
Now, I have probably told you all the ‘proper’ ways of relieving stress, like avoiding the stressor, altering the situation, adapting to the stressor and accepting the things that you cannot change; today we do it the fun way! Have fun while relieving stress. How? Here are some tips!
• Blow bubbles: You can do this alone or with someone. Watch the colors and shapes of the bubbles and how very beautiful they are
• Remember the advert where a boss is dancing in his office and his staff join in? Be that guy. Dance. Turn on the music in your living room or bedroom and just dance. Beyond the feel good effect, this releases happy brain chemicals, endorphins
• Buy a book of jokes and indulge in it when it looks like the sky is about to fall
• Watch your favourite comedy and just let your laughter roar from somewhere deep inside
• Don’t take yourself too seriously. Laugh and laugh often too. This lowers blood pressure, opens up creativity and stimulates the production of endorphins…the happy brain chemicals
You only live once! Make the best of this one life you’ve got! 😀
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