#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Fun Exercise?!

Are you one of those who would like to exercise but really cannot get into it for many reasons: too busy, hate exercise, can’t get to a gym etc. Well, here’s help! Tips to help you have fun while exercising – doing the things you love doing!
• Remember jumping jacks? Try and see how many you get in during a commercial break on TV
• While getting ready in the morning, instead of just watching, trying playing some music and dance along as you go through your getting ready motions. If you enjoy this a lot, join a dance class and really work those muscles with salsa, tango etc.
• Remember arm wrestling? Challenge as many people as will listen. Your children would love to do that with you…especially when you let them win. You’ll be surprised how many muscles you work out
• And yes, the pillow fight. Race around your house with partner and children and have a good, robust pillow fight. May the best man or woman win!
• While at work, try to clench your butt muscles while sitting, clench your abdominal muscles intermittently, check how long you can hold your legs up in the air while at your desk and be sure to walk over to the copier to pick the report rather than call for it
Do you have any other tips? Do share and let’s grow our list of fun things to do to keep healthy 😉
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