#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Heart Attack

For some reason, people seem to think that heart attacks are associated more with men than women. But this is not actually the case. The risk for heart attack increases significantly after the age of 45 in men and after the age of 50 for women (usually after menopause). Here are 5 signs of an impending heart attack.
• Person complains of Unusual fatigue
As Early Warning: This will manifest with Waking up tired and Difficulty in carrying out usual activities; This gets worse over time.
As Sign of Impending Heart Attack: The person feels overwhelming exhaustion—he’s just too tired to do anything.
• Person has shortness of breath
As Early Warning: Person feels Winded with little exertion. This situation Improves when exertion is stopped.
As Sign of Impending Heart Attack: Shortness of breath is often the first symptom and it continues or progressively worsens.
• Person has mood changes
As Early Warning: Fleeting feelings of anxiety for no reason which do not last.
As Sign of Impending Heart Attack: Anxiety attack occurs along with shortness of breath and doesn’t let up.
• Person complains of digestive changes
As Early Warning: There is frequent indigestion.
As Sign of Impending Heart Attack: Person complains of terrible heartburn, often with nausea and vomiting.
• Person complains of Weakness
As Sign of Impending Heart Attack: No strength—person feels like he’s having the flu.
Do you wonder if you are at risk of a heart attack? This is a very important question given that a heart attack gives early warnings. Thus, if one is at risk, focus on preventing a heart attack and also watch out for early warning signs. Here are 5 risk factors for a heart attack
• Age: The risk of a heart attack increases with age
• A previous heart attack or procedure to open up the coronary arteries
• Family history of early heart disease:
–Father or brother diagnosed before age 55
–Mother or sister diagnosed before age 65
• Chronic ailments like Diabetes mellitus and High blood pressure
• Other factors like Cigarette smoking, Physical inactivity, being overweight, having high blood cholesterol
So, there you go. Knowledge is power. Do the right thing 🙂
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