Hotel pools and hot tubs may bring health risks – Harvard Health

I don’t swim. I would love to swim but I just don’t πŸ™‚ I remember when my children were younger and I would take them to swimming classes. I would settle down by the side of the pool to study for my MBA and later my MPH. It was during one of those study-swimming time that my son almost drowned, but for my watchful mother’s eyes! He removed his floaters, because he wanted to prove he was a big boy…and even though he was in the shallow pool, he could do what the big kids in the big pool could do. He didn’t make a sound, but somehow, I felt compelled to look up and found my son with terror in his eyes struggling in the water. My mother’s instincts kicked in! I jumped into the pool with my jean trousers and picked him up. It never crossed my mind that I couldn’t swim and I was putting myself and him at even greater risk. Thank God, the pool was shallow……

Anyways, as my children grew older, they begged me to learn and all wanted to teach me. Again, I have never taken them up on their offer πŸ˜€ One of the key issues that stopped me and which I keep warning them about is not to go swimming in just any pool. I worried about what germs lurked in the water just because of the anonymity people had to do stuff inside the water and not be seen, like blow their nose in there, urinate etc. 😦 Maybe, I have an overactive imagination! Or maybe not! If you’re checking into a hotel and planning to go swimming, please be careful. You may be at risk of ‘catching something’ Read!

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