#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: What Is Epilepsy?

Q: What causes epilepsy? Epilepsy medication?


Good morning, everyone! Happy Id-el-fitri celebrations!

Ever heard of epilepsy? You probably have. You have also most likely heard that it is contagious and so sharing cutleries, hugging and sitting close to epileptics puts you in the direct path of the problem, right? Wrong! Epilepsy is NOT contagious!!! I overhear someone ask a question about epilepsy recently and thought to share this.

What is epilepsy? It is a problem of the nervous system where the cells of the brain ‘fire’ or behave abnormally leading to abnormal sensations, symptoms, behaviour and sometimes loss of consciousness. This is called a seizure but not every seizure is due to epilepsy. Seizures can occur in high fever (especially in children) and also due to dehydration. A seizure needs to have occured at least on two different occasions without provocation for epilepsy to be suspected.

Symptoms of epilepsy would depend on the type of epilepsy…

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