Daily Health Tips: Eye Drops For Cataracts?


Q: Doc please is there any eye drop that can clear cataract? I will appreciate your esteemed advice. I always strain my eye whenever I am reading. Is there any medical advice please?
A: Eye drop for cataracts? Let’s tell you what it means to have cataracts first 😀
The lens of the eye is usually clear and is made up of protein and water. As one gets older, the protein gets clumped and vision becomes blurred. Initially, this may not significantly affect vision but with time, it becomes really difficult to read, drive a car etc. It’s like reading through a ‘water fall’ which, by the way, is the meaning of cataract 😀 In the initial stages, using stronger lighting may be helpful but with time, if this worsens and interferes with daily activities, surgery may be the next course of action.
The symptoms of cataract…

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