Daily Health Tips: Eye Drops For Cataracts?

Q: Doc please is there any eye drop that can clear cataract? I will appreciate your esteemed advice. I always strain my eye whenever I am reading. Is there any medical advice please?
A: Eye drop for cataracts? Let’s tell you what it means to have cataracts first 😀
The lens of the eye is usually clear and is made up of protein and water. As one gets older, the protein gets clumped and vision becomes blurred. Initially, this may not significantly affect vision but with time, it becomes really difficult to read, drive a car etc. It’s like reading through a ‘water fall’ which, by the way, is the meaning of cataract 😀 In the initial stages, using stronger lighting may be helpful but with time, if this worsens and interferes with daily activities, surgery may be the next course of action.
The symptoms of cataract include blurred vision, double vision and difficulty with vision at night. Patients with cataract may also complain of yellowing of colours, seeing halos and being unduly sensitive to light.
Cataracts may occur as a natural process of aging as we grow older (oh, the joys of youth!!! :D). It is also common in diabetics, people with high blood pressure and people who smoke. Obesity, previous eye surgery or previous injury to the eye, family history of cataracts and excessive exposure to sunlight may also be pre-disposing factors. Some children develop cataract early in life while some others are born with it. Some are also due to infections in the mother while pregnant (like rubella – German measles) but these ones hardly cause problems with vision. When they do, removal of the cataract is the way to go.
Finding out that you’ve got a cataract is not the end of the world…even if it ‘kinda’ looks like that 😀 If it doesn’t interfere with regular, daily activities, then perhaps you should leave well alone. In the interim, you could improve the lighting at home, read with a magnifying glass, limit night driving and be sure to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare by wearing good sun glasses. If it interferes with these daily activities, then surgery is the option. The surgery involves taking out the cloudy lens and replacing with a transparent plastic lens that allows the person see properly.
Though we really don’t know how to stop the development of cataracts or halt their progression, limiting your risk factors may help. This involves eating more fruits and vegetables and keeping weight within normal limits, quitting smoking, limiting alcohol use, protecting eyes from the sun’s glare by wearing good sun glasses and ensuring that any chronic medical conditions like Diabetes Mellitus and hypertension are kept well under control.
For other reasons why you may be straining your eyes, please click on these links:
Have a great evening 😀
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  1. Bukielee says:

    Hi Dr. Ketch,
    I listened to you on my Gotv late this night at about some minutes to 12am but it was the tail end of your healthy tips. I will like to know how to boost my sperm fertility. Am not yet married but I think I take alot of sugar. Eg soft drinks . How do I burn them out before my wife comes in and we begin having sex for children. I need to do some proactive measures.


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