Screening mammograms: One recommendation may not fit all – Harvard Health

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The question before us today is,’should you get a mammogram? If so, when?’ This question concerns everyone…not just women. Yes, men can also get breast cancer. To start up this discussion, please see below a question I had answered on this issue. Thereafter, you might want to click on the link to understand the controversy on mammogram 🙂


Q: Good day Doctor. Please what could be the cause of a swelling (a lump) in a man’s breast? Is it risky, ma’am & what are the steps to take? It’s been there for the past 5yrs now but it’s just been brought to my notice and he said it doesn’t hurt much. I need an urgent reply, ma’am.

A: Thanks for writing in.
When reporting a breast lump, it’s nice to put in some more information like whether the lump has increased in size, is associated with nipple discharge, whether there are any underarm swellings, change in appearance of the skin over the swelling etc.

A breast lump in a man is more commonly due to gynaecomastia…a condition in which there is painful breast tissue enlargement. This condition may be due to a hormonal imbalance or use of some drugs. For more on gynaecomastia, please click on this link

Other causes of non-cancerous breast lumps in men include lipoma (growth of fatty tissues that form a lump) and lumps due to injury or trauma to the breast (fat necrosis). However, the lump may also be a cancerous growth and this is important to rule out as most people assume that breast cancer occurs only in women. It can very well occur in men.

Please let him see a doctor as soon as possible to examine him and make a diagnosis immediately. Better safe than sorry.

For more, please click on this link to a Harvard Health post:
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