#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Is It Too Early To Menstruate At 12 Years Of Age?

Q: Thanks for this Doc but is it not too early for a 12year old to start menstruating?

Very good question. The post below, which I made a while ago, should answer your question.

Q: Good day sir. Please sir is there anything someone should do for a child of 8 years who has started developing breast. Thanks

A: Okay….first of all, I’m not a sir 😀 And then, what to do? Nothing! Not very helpful, aye?

Before I launch into the gist proper, please don’t also listen to the old school gist of how it may be that some boys are taking undue liberties with her and thus, she’s developing her breast faster than her mates. It has nothing to do with that! By all means, ensure that undue liberties are not being taken but don’t blame the ‘breast buds’ on that 😀

The thing is, there are various shades of normal when it comes to children. Puberty, generally for girls, can occur any time between 8 to 13 years. There are people who experience what is called precocious puberty and would experience the signs of puberty earlier than other children. There may be nothing wrong with these children…they may just be on the very early side of normal 😀 But, if a child starts experiencing puberty before the age of 7, please be sure to see take her in to see the doctor.

The first sign of puberty in girls is what your daughter is experiencing: breast development which starts off as lumps which may be tender around the nipple area. Other signs to follow include growing pubic hairs, widening of the hips, onset of menstruation etc.

Please make this period as trauma-free as possible. Worrying about her breasts ‘coming out too soon’ may make her self-conscious about it and the whole process of shopping for bras with her which ought to be a fun thing, becomes a nightmare! 😀 My experience was actually a nightmare! My mum (very educated medical doctor) would try on the band of the bra on top of whatever dress I happened to be wearing whenever we went shopping for bras….I almost died several times over 😀 (sorry mum!) Why on earth would she want to advertise that I wear bras to the whole world?! As if the world couldn’t see?

And so, with my children, I’m more sensitive. If they don’t want to call it a bra and prefer to call the real bras, bra tops…I’m happy to call it that 😀 When we’re done buying, I have to carry the goodies to the checkout counter…heaven forbid that anyone suspects that they wear such horrible contraptions as bras!!! Same for when we go shopping for sanitary towels 😀 Okay, enough said. They’ll probably not talk to me for a year when they see that I posted about this 😀
So, dear mum, I trust that you have had the talk with your daughter? Before puberty starts would have been a good time. If you failed to do this earlier, now is a good a time as any. Remember to go for facts rather than fiction. That whole gist about getting pregnant when a boy touches you went out with the dark ages. Keep the gist matter of fact and be sure to use real names of body parts 😀 In addition, whatever you do, be available and approachable…your daughter needs you now, more than ever!

I hope this helps.

Like a friend said to me recently, it’s Friday eve! Enjoy!!!


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