#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Is It Too Early To Menstruate At 12 Years Of Age?


Q: Thanks for this Doc but is it not too early for a 12year old to start menstruating?

Very good question. The post below, which I made a while ago, should answer your question.

Q: Good day sir. Please sir is there anything someone should do for a child of 8 years who has started developing breast. Thanks

A: Okay….first of all, I’m not a sir 😀 And then, what to do? Nothing! Not very helpful, aye?

Before I launch into the gist proper, please don’t also listen to the old school gist of how it may be that some boys are taking undue liberties with her and thus, she’s developing her breast faster than her mates. It has nothing to do with that! By all means, ensure that undue liberties are not being taken but don’t blame the ‘breast buds’ on that 😀

The thing is, there are various shades of normal…

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