#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: World Blood Donor Day 2017

Today is World Blood Donor Day with the theme, ‘What can you do? Give blood. Give now. Give often.’
Have you ever given blood? Do you plan to? Today’s theme encourages us to be selfless and give the gift of life (blood), not just when there is a disaster but often. Now, before you stroll down to the next clinic to donate, please read the post below…an earlier post I had made on requirements for donating blood. Enjoy….
To donate blood, you have to be at least 17 years or over, in good health with a healthy blood count and weigh more than 50kg, you can donate whole blood every 56 days and your blood will be screened for viruses and bacteria.
Now to specifics….
Before the blood donation, be sure to do the following:
Ensure that you are eating an iron-rich diet like green, leafy veggies, red meat, cereals fortified with iron etc.
Avoid fatty foods
Be sure to avoid alcohol and take in lots of fluids (water and other juices)
Bring along your donor card and form of ID
Avoid vigorous exercise
During the blood donation, be sure to
Wear loose and comfortable clothing which can be folded above the elbow.
Relax and let the bleeding proceed 🙂
You shouldn’t feel any pain after the initial prick. If you do, please call the attention of the medic close by.
After the blood donation,
Don’t be in a hurry 😀 Relax and have a snack and a few drinks (non-alcoholic, please)
Avoid smoking in the first 2 hours
Avoid alcohol in the first 8 hours
Avoid strenuous exercise and do not carry heavy stuff with that arm for the rest of the day
Keep the pressure bandage on for about 30 minutes afterwards
Keep the plaster on though for about 6 hours after.
If you feel lightheaded, please lie down, drink a lot of fluid and rest until you feel better
If the donation site starts to bleed, please apply pressure and elevate arm. If this continues, please see your doctor.
Have a great night, everyone 😀
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