Daily Health Tips: Itching Around The Testicle

Q: Please Dr. What can be the reason for itching around the testicle?

A: Thanks for writing in. It is important to see your doctor so he can examine the area and any rash you may have and make a definitive diagnosis.

A common cause of itching around the groin is tinea cruris (jock itch) which is a fungal infection that can affect hair, skin or nails. It is a form of ringworm and is usually seen as a red, rash with a clear, distinct edge and oftentimes, ring-shaped. It can affect the buttocks, skin fold and inner thighs, as appears to be happening in this case.

As is common with fungal infections, this infection thrives in warm, moist environment. And so, if you sweat a lot, wear tight/nylon underpants, if you’re a man, overweight or have a compromised immune system (an immune system that is not functioning properly which may be due to some diseases or taking some drugs eg antibiotic abuse), then you are more at risk of this condition. If you have athletes’ foot (a fungal infection of the foot which may occur, for example, in people who wear covered shoes a lot), get it treated because when you’re wearing your underpants, there is the possibility of passing the infection on to the underpants and subsequently, the groin.

Ordinarily, this can be treated without necessarily seeing a doctor. An anti-fungal cream that contains clotrimazone or miconazole used diligently over the course of two weeks should produce results.  However, I suggest you see your doctor, so that the diagnosis of fungal infection (tinea cruris) is confirmed before starting on treatment.

Prevention is focused on ensuring that you keep your groin as dry as possible (if you sweat heavily, try taking a bath as frequently as possible; change out of wet clothes as soon as you can; dry your groin area thoroughly after a bath, forget the tight fitting underpants and stick with boxers or cotton underpants etc) and personal hygiene (don’t share personal items of clothing…who shares underpants or boxers, anyway? 😀 wash your underwear often)

Remember that fungal infections usually require patience to treat. You’ve got to keep using the medication/ointment faithfully for the period prescribed.

I hope this helps!

Have a great weekend, y’all 😀


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