Daily Health Tips: Itching Around The Testicle


Q: Please Dr. What can be the reason for itching around the testicle?

A: Thanks for writing in. It is important to see your doctor so he can examine the area and any rash you may have and make a definitive diagnosis.

A common cause of itching around the groin is tinea cruris (jock itch) which is a fungal infection that can affect hair, skin or nails. It is a form of ringworm and is usually seen as a red, rash with a clear, distinct edge and oftentimes, ring-shaped. It can affect the buttocks, skin fold and inner thighs, as appears to be happening in this case.

As is common with fungal infections, this infection thrives in warm, moist environment. And so, if you sweat a lot, wear tight/nylon underpants, if you’re a man, overweight or have a compromised immune system (an immune system that is not functioning properly which…

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