Daily Health Tips: What Did You Add To The Smoothie?

Q: Good morning ma’am. I watched your show on DSTV yesterday afternoon concerning 5 health tips. I want to know what you added to the fruits for the smoothie before blending them. Thank you
A: Smoothies are fruit juices extracted in a smoothie maker. ..almost like blending the fruits; the smoothie maker goes a step further by removing the pulp so that you are left with the pure fruit juice. Traditionally, yoghurts are added but be sure that be sure that they are then low fat and no-added sugar variety. To be extra sure you are not being fed ‘hidden’ sugars, you could make yours (a cup of milk to four cups of water. Add a little amount of ready-made yoghurt – unsweetened – to this. Leave in an airtight container overnight, mix and then refrigerate).
So, nothing has to be added to the fruits before blending and if you do not wish to use milk or yoghurt, that’s also fine 😀
Here is a question that I responded to with a recipe. I hope you find that useful.
Q: Good morning Doc. Welcome to 2016. Please, how do I prepare fruit juice with…water melon, banana, apple, milk and orange?
A: Hello dear, it does sound like you’re planning a major fruit cocktail! It sounds yummy-delicious!
Okay, here goes.
Wash all the fruits first.
If you have a smoothie maker:
Cut up the water melon and remove the juicy fruit from the hard back.
If your smoothie maker is big enough, it can take a whole apple; if not cut up the apple into quarters. You don’t have to remove the seeds from the water melon or the core from the apple. The smoothie maker deals with all that for you 😀
Feed the water melon and apples to the smoothie maker. Collect the juice in a jug and keep aside.
Juice your orange manually or in an orange juicer. Add the juice to the melon and apple juice.
Then get a blender. Cut up your bananas and add the juice, a little at a time until the bananas are all blended. Then add the rest of the juice. The consistency will be either thick (if you have a lot of bananas) or watery (like the consistency of juice if there is more juice than bananas).
Now, I would not add milk to this. I would prefer to have this just like described above. If you want a milky drink, cut up some bananas and blend it up with some milk. That’s another yummy drink, right there!
If you do not have a smoothie maker, cut up the water melon and remove the juicy fruit from the hard back. Remove the seeds from the water melon and the core from the apple. Make the orange juice by manually squeezing it or juicing it. Use the orange juice as the liquid to blend the water melon and apple. Finally add the bananas and whizz it all
For yoghurt and other milky recipes, please click on this link:
The recipe describes how to make yoghurt using either powdered milk or bottled milk.
Have a great week ahead 😀
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