Daily Health Tips: That Yoghurt Recipe!

Q: Good day Dr. I ll appreciate it if u can forward how yoghurt with Loya milk is being prepared and is it okay for a fat person?
A: I’ve received a lot of questions on the recipe for yoghurt. I have re-produced it a LOT of times. But, by popular demand, I reproduce it…yet again 😀 As added value, I give you two additional recipes!
Here goes…
You can use milk to make some super delicious milk shakes. Everybody loves a milk shake 😀 An easy one to make is a combination of milk, some fruits (eg mango) and crushed ice. Put all into a blender and whizz away. Watch while blending because if you blend for too long, it becomes runny. You want it nice and sorta thick….and utterly delicious!
Another delicious healthy milky/fruity snack you can make for your children is a milk popsicle. Even you will love it! Here’s how:
• You can juice some sweet oranges, or blend mangoes or any other fruit you like.
• Mix it with some milk
• Put it in fruity shaped ice moulds or even a regular ice tray that comes with most freezers or get a popsicle maker and pour it in with your popsicle stick in.
• Allow to freeze
• And….you’ve got the ideal sugar rush snack for your children.
Try it out and feel free to tinker with the recipe whichever way you want!
For yoghurt, I’ll share with you a recipe that I use to make my own special brand of home-made yoghurt. Remember that yoghurt is full of healthy bacteria that may help fight vaginal infections, prevent brittle bones (osteoporosis) in old age because of the calcium content and help digestion amongst other uses. And now for my home made brew…without fancy machines and stuff…
• Get your measuring cups, warm water, a clean dish towel,, some already made (you can use store bought) yoghurt with pro-biotics, an airtight container and milk. This recipe uses powdered milk. Most store-bought yoghurt contain pro-biotics which are live bacteria and yeasts which are god for your health. Weird, right? To think of good bacteria 😀
• Mix one cup of powdered milk with 4 cups of warm water. Whisk it all up.
• Scoop out one cup of the mixture and add a quarter cup of your already made yoghurt that you bought from the shops
• Then pour the mixture from the point above to the milk mixture and whisk.
• Pour in an air-tight container or just cover with a tea towel.
• Do not move, mix or stir the mixture during the ‘setting’ process. Leave it for at least 4 hours. I usually leave mine overnight and wake up to a jar of fabulous home-made yoghurt!
• Remember to whisk the mixture together after it has ‘set’ so that you don’t have the ‘water-on-top’ situation in the last question…or was it a comment? 😀
So, mix up your own batch and after the first go, feel free to mix and match the recipe as you like. As you can see, there was no added sugar to mine…wink. This recipe can also use bottled milk in which case it has to be warmed before (not boiled) before use and repeat all other steps as above.
It’s almost a weekend. Hint, hint! Let’s have you try out some of these recipes 😀
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4 Responses to Daily Health Tips: That Yoghurt Recipe!

  1. Mary Etta says:

    Please I am a model and I hate fat I can do anything to remain slim butbi am told that milk makes people fat i will like to know if it is true please.


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