Daily Health Tips: Can Lack Of Libido Stop Conception?

Q: Good morning Doc. I sent a message before now but I didn’t get a reply. My question is, when a woman does not enjoy sex, can that stop conception?
A: No, lack of enjoyment of sex does not stop conception. Provided the sperm has a clear pathway into the uterus, it is possible for pregnancy to occur…all things being equal. That is why, unfortunately, some rape victims, get pregnant after the act. In another sense though, if one has reduced libido (sex drive) due to stress, it can lead to reduced frequency of sexual intercourse and of course, reduced chances of getting pregnant.
Having said that, it is important that couples learn the art of communicating their thoughts on sex to each other. I get mails from lots of women and even men who complain that they or their wives do not enjoy sex either due to lack of desire, inability to achieve orgasm or even due to pain. It need not be so. Sometimes, it can be an issue of just being open about your different wants and desires. It used to be thought that women who had opinions on what they liked in bed had played the field for too long. Perhaps, a lot of people still think the same. But, it is important to re-think that dictum as this is an issue that causes significant problems in homes.
Have a great night, y’all 😀
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    Q: Doctor please can someone get pregnant when the person doesn’t enjoy sex with her husband but only pains since the day she got ‘deflowered’ by her husband?


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