Daily Health Tips: Tips To Help You Fight Tiredness And Fatigue

Consistently feeling tired and stressed out?

Easy culprits could be lifestyle factors like inactivity or too much activity, poor eating habits, poor sleep, alcohol or caffeine use. Psychologically, stress, grief, anxiety can also make one feel tired and fatigued continually.

As the year comes to an end, a lot of people find themselves feeling this way as they struggle to complete tasks, that, maybe, they should have started at the beginning of the year 😀

Should you be on supplements? If you know for a fact that you’re not getting enough nourishment generally or enough of the right nutrients, then you most definitely need to supplement. Supplements are a great way to provide those nutrients that your body is missing because you’re not eating much or to plug the nutrient hole if you’re eating but missing out on essential nutrients. Most people, however, do not like popping pills and so taking the supplements is also not the easiest option for them. But here’s some good news! There are supplements that are available as easy-to-mix drinks. A great example is Complan which is a complete meal in a drink.

What else should you be doing? Here are quick tips for you!

  • If you’ve not been exercising, make a plan to include 30 minutes of activity daily. Yes, you can do it! Use the stairs, use the gym, park your car farther from your office and walk etc And you know what? Exercise helps boost your appetite! One more reason for you to get moving 😀
  • Try and catch at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep daily
  • Reduce your intake of caffeine and alcohol
  • Manage your stress better. Use the 4 A’s: avoid or alter the stressor, adapt to or accept the situation.

Finally, diet is critical. Remember that stress can make you lose appetite and when your body is being starved of nutrients, you end up feeling tired! If your appetite has taken a vacation, supplements can help to ensure that you are not being starved of essential nutrients which your body needs. The fact that Complan is packed full of proteins, carbs, vitamins, minerals and  it has all the nutrition of a complete meal in a drink which can be readily mixed as a drink, makes it a great choice at times like these.


As you start to feel better, ensure that you eat healthy. More fruits and veggies should be added to your diet; don’t skip breakfast, watch your portions.


So, there you go! All the tips you need to fight fatigue and tiredness! So, next time I see you in serious ‘go-slow’ traffic, be sure to have a big smile on ….and maybe, even a cup of Complan! 😀


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