Daily Health Tips: I Don’t Have Enough Breast Milk

Q: Doc thanks for all those helpful health tips. My wife has given birth. Ever since, going to 4weeks now, the baby has been drinking food. Within 3weeks she had finished 4 tins of Nan 1. Her mother’s breast milk is not dropping…at times little like a spit. Hundreds of advice has been given and used; yet, no significant change. Please please Doc, what can we do??? Thanks.

A: Congratulations on your new baby! May she grow to do great things in her generation.

She does sound like one hungry child 😀 which is good. The truth is breastfeeding is touted as being best for baby because of the nutrients it contains, the bonding time it affords mum and baby and also because it is cheap! You need no money to feed your baby as often as needed…beyond the monies required to ensure mum feeds well. There’s also the challenge of keeping baby’s bottles and other feeding equipment completely clean and free from germs.

How can we help mum to establish or re-establish breastfeeding? To answer that I’ll reproduce part of a post I had made on this subject.

Mum needs loads of support from her medical team (be that the nurses that provide support for lactation or the doctor who does same). This support can range from teaching her how to latch baby on properly to the doctor prescribing medications that encourage milk production. Drugs and foods that encourage milk production are called galactogogues. A number of local foods have been touted to help eg Pap (akamu, ogi), green leafy veggies like spinach, oats, garlic and ginger, nuts like almonds etc Go ahead and try out what works for you.

This process, though, requires loads of patience. You have to put baby to the breast as often as possible (at least every 3 hours) or failing that, use a breast pump to extract as much milk as possible. It is thought that some of the galactogogues ‘improve’ the taste of breast milk making the baby spend more time on the breast.

Remember that the sucking process/nipple stimulation encourages milk let-down. Being relaxed and thinking about you and your baby in a nice cozy environment, breastfeeding and bonding may also help this process along.

You may want to assume the regular position you used to adopt when baby was breastfeeding and ensure that baby gets skin to skin time with you. It may be easy for baby to immediately go back to breastfeeding, other times, it may take a while. You need to know when the baby is sucking and indeed whether he’s getting enough. Your baby should make at least 6 wet nappies per day. If baby is not getting enough breast milk at the beginning of this process, you may have to supplement with formula. Use a cup and spoon to avoid nipple confusion.

Be sure that you are getting enough fluids yourself and eating nourishing foods.

For more on breastfeeding, please click on the links:






All the best to you, baby and wifey!

Have a good night y’all 😀

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