Daily Health Tips: I Don’t Have Enough Breast Milk


Q: Doc thanks for all those helpful health tips. My wife has given birth. Ever since, going to 4weeks now, the baby has been drinking food. Within 3weeks she had finished 4 tins of Nan 1. Her mother’s breast milk is not dropping…at times little like a spit. Hundreds of advice has been given and used; yet, no significant change. Please please Doc, what can we do??? Thanks.

A: Congratulations on your new baby! May she grow to do great things in her generation.

She does sound like one hungry child 😀 which is good. The truth is breastfeeding is touted as being best for baby because of the nutrients it contains, the bonding time it affords mum and baby and also because it is cheap! You need no money to feed your baby as often as needed…beyond the monies required to ensure mum feeds well. There’s also the challenge…

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