Daily Health Tips : Bottled Water Versus Satchet Water (Pure Water)

Q. Good morning Doctor. I have being drinking bottled water for years now because I have being trying to prevent myself from suffering Typhoid. My economy has changed now and I want to return to Satchet water. What’s your advice please?

Water that is good enough for drinking should be colourless, odourless, tasteless and should be clear as you look at it. Unfortunately, even water that meets these requirements may still have some micro-organisms.

So, what are your options here?

Not all brands of satchet water would meet these recommendations. Look out for the NAFDAC numbers. If it has a NAFDAC number, we trust that due process was followed and all the processes for packaging water was properly checked out. Look out for expiry dates too.

Otherwise, you can DIY (Do It Yourself):

Boil your water. You could improve on this process by filtering it using a filter with a candle.

Use a water purifying tablet on your water

Invest in a water dispenser and then buy the refill bottles. Once you’ve made the investment in buying the water dispenser, the bottle refills should be cheaper than getting the bottled water.

Hey guys, feel free to chip in with other means of purifying water that are pocket-friendly 😀

Have a good night, y’all 😀

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