Daily Health Tips : Diabetes (Vaginal Discharge, Childbirth Et Al)

Q: Hi Ma’am. how do you do? I am a great fan of yours and thank God who has used you to serve and help people with your medical advice.

Please Ma’am, I’m a 28-year old girl and I was diagnosed with Diabetes when I was 26yrs and I have been living with it. But my major challenge now is I always have a vaginal discharge & itching of which sometimes all parts of my vagina will be covered with milky colour of discharge which makes me more unhappy realizing that I’m diabetic.

What can I do because I feel hurt anytime I see that? Secondly Ma’am, does diabetes have any effect on child bearing? Can I bear children that will be free from diabetes? Can I even give birth at all? Worried and hurt ma’am

Thirdly Mom, anytime I have sex, I do feel pains at my waist especially during the thrusts. I would also like to know what causes quick ejaculation in women because I reach climax on or before 10-15mins of foreplay.

Thanks for your wise and gentle advice. It gives us hope and eases a lot of pains in us. God equip you more

A: Many thanks for your kind words and Amen to your prayers. As I like to say, from your mouth, to God’s ears 😀 I’m happy that I can help, even if it’s just in a teensy-weensy way, to ease your burden 😀
Okay…now to your questions…

Your discharges are likely to be fungal (vaginal thrush). Diabetics are more prone to vaginal infections as the sugar in urine and the warmth of the vagina, creates an irresistible, rich culture medium for infections. So, obviously maintaining a good control of blood sugar is critical to the success of any treatment instituted as this situation will just keep recurring if blood sugar isn’t addressed. Apart from blood sugar, management of candidiasis in diabetics is pretty much the same as that for other people. This includes the use of anti-fungal agents as a pessary which is inserted into the vagina or as a tablet which is swallowed or even as a cream which may be used on the outer parts of the vagina. Your doctor will confirm this diagnosis and advice on what to use.

Prevention of this involves ensuring that you change out of clothes as soon as possible eg after swimming, Avoiding tight fitting undies, not abusing antibiotics etc.

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Diabetes does have effect on pregnancy as people with this are more likely to have big babies, suffer a miscarriage etc. However, these risks are reduced if you keep your blood sugar level within normal limits by eating right and generally following your doctor’s advice. Children born to diabetic mothers are also more likely to develop this later…however, not all of them develop this. And they may have a period of low blood sugar after birth. However, with good control of your blood sugar, your pregnancy can actually be uneventful 😀

So, what should you do? Work with your doctor to keep your blood sugar within acceptable limits, lose some weight, if overweight or obese, exercise regularly and keep with your dietary plan.
Now as for the quick orgasm (referred to as premature orgasm), not too much work has been done on the condition in women. However, trying out some of the techniques used for men may be helpful. Some of these include, staying off sexual intercourse for a while to reduce the pressure to ‘perform’ or having foreplay as usual up till the point you feel like you’re about to have an orgasm, then stopping all sexual stimulation until the urge passes away. Sexual intercourse can be resumed afterwards. This is done until you feel ready. If none of these work, you may want to see your doctor who may prescribe from the drugs used in men.

Pain during sexual intercourse can be due to a number of reasons.

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Hope this helps. You have to be positive. Diabetes Mellitus is not a life sentence. If you take care of yourself, work with your medical team to maintain your blood sugar within acceptable levels and of course, have a loving support group of family and/or friends to draw on, the sky becomes a stepping stone! 😀

Have a good night, y’all 😀

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