Daily Health Tips: What Can I Do About The Eczema On My Skin?

Doctor, what can I use to get rid of Ezcema which has become chronic on my skin?


First, we need to be sure that what you have on your skin is eczema by getting your doctor to confirm the diagnosis. Eczema is usually found to run in families with a history of allergies.

Preventive/control measures include using mild soap to take a bath, followed by a mild moisturizer. Also do not use water that is too hot for a bath as this dries out your skin and makes the itching from eczema worse. Use warm water if you must and then dab your skin leaving some moisture. Lock in this moisture with a moisturizer. Stress is also a trigger for this and so reducing your stress levels and exercising may be helping in more ways than one. Anti-histamines (helpful with itching) and over the counter steroid creams are also useful. For severe cases, please see your doctor for a prescription of more potent steroids, immuno suppressant drugs, ultra violet light therapy etc.

Have a great weekend.

Here’s to a healthier you!

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