Daily Health Tips: I Have Ringworm All Over My Body!

Q: Please doctor, my body itches me so much that it causes patches on my skin. The doctor said it’s fungal infection of the skin and I have been taking drugs for almost 6 months now, but the itching didn’t stop. It only subsided. Please help

Q: Good evening Doc, I really need your help at this moment. My friend has a fungal disease called ringworm and it has began to spread all ova her body. She has tried using different medication but didn’t work and she is scared to go to the clinic or pharmacy because it’s embarrassing to tell someone you have ringworm all over you. Please Doctor, can you prescribe drugs or any medication that will free her from this ringworm. Please Doc. Thank you.

A: I’ve got two different questions on fungal infections and so I’ve decided to address it again.

First, you have to be sure that what we’re dealing with is really fungal infection, so be sure that a doctor is making this diagnosis, because the first instance could very well be eczema too. So, let’s be sure…

Fungal infections, ringworm or otherwise, can be embarrassing. Treatment for these infections can also take a long while; so you have to stick with the treatment and make sure that you do not skip any day of treatment. It is important to that your doctor also makes this diagnosis to be sure.

Please don’t be shy to speak with your doctor about your health concerns. Trust me, we’ve seen it all and at the end of the day, the focus is on helping you to be healthy.

Please click on the links below to read all about different fungal infections:




I hope y’all had a great day too.

Good night…TGIF 😀

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