Daily Health Tips: Sensitive Teeth

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a great week?

Do you love your ice cubes and just love to chew on it? Well, here’s news for you. You just might be contributing to the development of sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth are a source of pain to whoever has them as these people, oftentimes, feel a sharp pain in their teeth when they take cold or hot drinks and even when air touches their teeth. What else can cause this? Let’s give you some causes of teeth sensitivity:

Acidic foods like lemon and lime, yoghurt, carbonated drinks and even tea can cause erosion of the enamel of your teeth. A good preventive measure is to use straws, where possible, while taking these drinks and be sure to rinse out your mouth with water or even drink milk afterwards to neutralize their effects.

Using a hard bristled toothbrush and brushing too hard: Studies have shown again and again, that it is not the intensity of the brushing that gets the job done. Focus should be on technique (gentle circular motions). Constantly going at your teeth like a dog with a bone 😀 could lead to wearing down of the enamel and eventual teeth sensitivity.

Teeth whitening products may also be contributory to teeth sensitivity. So be cautious while using them and wherever in doubt, speak to your dentist.

Cracked or chipped teeth: When teeth have chips or cracks, perhaps from chewing ice cubes or opening bottle tops, they can fill up with bacteria that cause gum inflammation and eventual sensitivity.

Gum disease: This exposes the root surface such that it is easier for the nerve endings to be reached.

Teeth sensitivity can leave you miserable. Don’t give it a chance. Practice the preventive measures above and where in doubt see your dentist.

Have a great weekend y’all 😀

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3 Responses to Daily Health Tips: Sensitive Teeth

  1. Sunny says:

    “Constantly going at your teeth like a dog with a bone…” That cracked me up! Thanks for the “cool’ counsel, Dr Ketch…


  2. Obat Herbal says:

    use toothpaste that formulated for sensitive teeth can help..


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