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Daily Health Tips: When Should I Wash My Hands?

Hello y’all I hope you all had a restful holiday, if you’re in Nigeria. After I put up my post on how to wash your hands, someone asked the question, ‘when should we wash our hands?’ And really that’s a … Continue reading

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Daily Health Tips: Why You Must Never Leave The Toilet Without Washing Your Hands!

This video shows us how we often consider the ‘serious; business of washing our hands after using the toilet, inconsequential. It educates us as to why this is more important than we often think. Here’s to a healthier you!

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Daily Health Tips: Germy Hands

Have you ever raced into the toilet and raced right out…without washing your hands? Tut! Tut!!Tut!!! Let me tell you why you must never do that again. • Even if you are neat, not everyone is clean about using the … Continue reading

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Make Polio a failure!

A couple of years ago, I was notified of a case that involved one of the hospitals on our private Health Insurance scheme and the child of one of our enrollees. This child had a fever that had been on … Continue reading

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Save lives: clean your hands!

It will be global hand washing day on the 15th of October. A friend of mine jokingly said to me, ‘seriously?!’ WHO has time! Hand washing day indeed! Why can’t they face more important issues?’ Are you in the same … Continue reading

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