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Daily Health Tips: Why You Must Never Leave The Toilet Without Washing Your Hands!

This video shows us how we often consider the ‘serious; business of washing our hands after using the toilet, inconsequential. It educates us as to why this is more important than we often think. Here’s to a healthier you!

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Daily Health Tips: I Am Embarrassed By The Bald Patches On My Son’s Head!!!

Q: Dr, please how do I treat ringworm on my son’s head? We have treated it now for more than six months with various creams and shampoo still no result. Please, assist urgently for this is so embarrassing.   A: … Continue reading

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Hygiene is two thirds of health!

Who would believe a thing like that? Like…seriously? Isn’t this like taking the cliche ‘an ounce of prevention is better than an ounce of care’ too far? Or perhaps the more commonly known ‘prevention is better than cure’? But guess … Continue reading

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