#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: I Think My IUD Has Shifted!


Q: Doc, I had a copper IUD inserted 5 months ago and after checking up on it we found out that it wasn’t in place. Does it give me a higher chance of being preggy given the position of the IUD? Please notice my concern. Thank you!

A: Hi dear, thanks for writing in.

If indeed, the IUD has shifted and it’s not the string that you feel, you need to see visit your family planning clinic as soon as possible to get that checked out. Remember that if, indeed, the IUD is not properly inserted or has been expelled, you stand the risk of a pregnancy and so you should get this checked out shortly and use some other form of contraception in the meantime.

Generally, there are warning signs to look out for when you have the IUD on. If you experience any of these under-listed symptoms, please…

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