Daily Health Tips: Milk Shake, Popsicle And Yoghurt Recipes.


Q: Hi Dr Ketch, I love your tips. Please give me a recipe for a nice milk shake for a 4 year old girl

Q: Hi Dr Ketch, can you repeat your recipe for yoghurt. I didnā€™t catch it all on TV

Q: When I made my yoghurt, it had water on top.

A: In response to the 5-minute shows airing on DSTV, I have received a couple of questions on some of the recipes. So, I will reproduce some of the recipes here.

You can use milk to make some super delicious milk shakes. Everybody loves a milk shake šŸ˜€ An easy one to make is a combination of milk, some fruits (eg mango) and crushed ice. Put all into a blender and whizz away. Watch while blending because if you blend for too long, it becomes runny. You want it nice and sorta thickā€¦.and utterly delicious!

Another deliciousā€¦

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