Daily Health Tips: Why Is My 6-Month Old Niece Not Talking Properly Yet?


Q: Good morning, Dr Ketch. Thanks for this platform. It’s really helpful. Please my niece is almost 6 months old and I observed she doesn’t talk like most babies do when they are playing. She tries to by opening her mouth and with body language but just few sounds come out. I don’t know if you understand me? Even when she is laughing so hard, just the opening of mouth at times or talking like someone that wants to stammer. Please is this a problem? Or she is still too young to make these baby’s sounds frequently?
Please help thank you.
A: Thanks a lot for writing in and I’m happy to hear that this platform is helpful to you 😀
Between the ages of 4 and 6 months, your baby will begin to explore the world of sound. They would usually start with cooing sounds and by…

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