Daily Health Tips: How Do I Take Care Of My Skin?


Q: I’m in Tanzania and I love your TV show I would like you to discuss about how we take care of our skin and body cleanliness?
A: Thanks for being a fan of our show. we love you right back 😀
Happy Boxing day everyone. Trust you had a great celebration yesterday!
The weather is pretty dry now and depending on where in the world you are, you’re either dealing with winter or harmattan…but some are actually contending with Summer. That is awesome!
This tip is for the cold, dry air associated with harmattan and winter. How to keep your skin supple during this period?
Moisturise, mositurise and moisturise! Long hot showers/baths may sound very tempting but they dry out your skin. Opt for short showers. Immediately after you have a bath/shower (with cold or warm water as opposed to hot water), pat your skin dry…leaving some…

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