Daily Health Tips: Near-Sightedness


Q: Morning Dr Ketch. I have a problem of eye. Unable to view thing as it is unless is close to me. Sometimes, eye glasses correct it. But I discovered that eye glass might not be perfect solution. Is there any advice on my type of food I eat or anything?

A: Thanks for writing in. It does appear that you have nearsightedness also know known as myopia. In this condition, people are unable to see far objects clearly (these objects appear blurred to them). Other symptoms include headaches, blinking excessively, needing to stay close to source of interest in order to see clearly etc. This can occur suddenly or could develop over a period of time and it does tend to run in families. Activities that encourage close ‘looks’ like reading, using the computer and/or writing have also been implicated in this condition.

The treatment for this includes glasses…

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