Daily Health Tips: Why Is Only One Of My Daughter’s Breasts Developing?


Q: Good morning Dr Ketch, thanks so much for the information you’ve been helping us with. Please, is there anything I can do? My 10 years old daughter is developing only the left side breast while right side shows no sign of developing.

A: Thanks for writing in and sharing your concerns. The good news is, there may not be any causes for concern.

A number of people would have noticed asymmetries in their bodies: one foot bigger than the other or one breast that appears to be bigger than the other. That’s the beauty of our uniqueness as individuals. The difference, in a lot of cases is hardly noticeable really.

During puberty, the breast tissue starts to develop due to the effect of the hormone, estrogen. Sometimes, the tissue of one breast is more responsive to the effects of estrogen than the other. Or one breast could have more…

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