Daily Health Tips: Is It Okay To Cover My Baby With An Electric Blanket?


Q: Hi Dr Ketch,is the electric blanket safe for my 4months old baby?

A: Congratulations on your new bundle of joy 😀
No, the electric blanket is not ideal for your baby because of the risk of over-heating burn or even a burn. So, please don’t use it. Focus more on dressing baby warmly, avoiding clothes with long strings that may pose a strangulation risk. Whatever you do, make sure baby’s head and face are not covered. If you can get a baby sleeping bag, that would be perfect.

Now, I’ll give you some extra tips to help you and baby sleep comfortably…tonight 😀

During night time feedings, keep lights low. Night lights stop you and baby from coming fully awake and so you can go back to sleep after the feed…effortlessly.

Commit to sleep and make it a priority in your life. The advice frequently given to new mothers…

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