Daily Health Tips: How To Reduce Your Intake Of Saturated Fats


It’s a weekend again and a number of us will be visiting some fast food restaurants for snacks or quick eats. The problem is with the quantity of saturated fats in some of these foods. A diet rich in saturated fats is associated with heart disease. Unfortunately, this fat is super abundant in a lot of the fast foods we love and crave.

Here are some tips to help you reduce your intake of saturated fats:
 Eat more white meat eg chicken and fish. Choose the healthier cuts of chicken like the breast as opposed to the wings and drum sticks
 Choose low fat dairy products: Full cream dairy is rich in saturated fat and so from the age of 2 years, children should be switched to skimmed variety or 1 or 2% milk
 Remove the skin from chicken and trim off fats from it during preparation:…

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