Daily Health Tips: Copious Vaginal Discharge


Q: Please doctor, I have vaginal discharge and I do notice that when I wear panties in the morning, before 10 seconds I already have discharge on my panties. After that, I start perceiving the odour from my body. Please, what drug can I take to stop this?

A: Vaginal discharge is quite common in females especially in sexually active females, though it can also occur in people who are not sexually active. It can be rather disturbing if associated with symptoms like itching, sores in the genital area and bad odor.

There are different causes of discharge and many organisms responsible for vaginal discharge (bacterial, fungal and protozoan), and the offending organism/cause will determine the treatment.

Some causes include poor hygienic practices, use of harsh chemicals to wash the genital area, use of tampons and pads for long periods without change, insertion of herbs or other objects into theā€¦

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