#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Can I Use Hair Removal Cream On My Chest?


Q: Hello Dr, how are you doing, thanks for all the educative advice. Please I want to know if HAIR REMOVAL CREAM is advisable for removing hair on my chest.?

A: Hair removal cream also known as depilatory creams contain chemicals like thioglycolic acid (responsible for that strong and pungent odour associated with these creams) that break down the protein (Keratin) in hair. This leads to weakening and dissolution of the hair making it easy to be scraped away from the skin’s surface.

This product is usually used with great caution as keratin is also found in the top layer of the skin and if the cream is left on for too long, the chemical in it starts working on the skin leading to chemical burns and blisters. So be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions, strictly and test the cream on a small patch of skin on the arm…

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