Daily Health Tips: What Are The Benefits Of Calcium Tablets To A Pregnant Woman?


Q: Good evening Doc, please I would like to know the benefits of PREGNACARE PLUS OMEGA-3 and CALCIUM TABLETS on pregnant women AND is it safe if a baby constantly kicks in the womb?

Hi dear, thanks for writing in. I’ll start with your last question. Babies in the womb, just like you and I, have their moments. Sometimes, they are quiet and other times they are very active. You need to know what is normal for your baby and let your doctor know when there is a difference from normal. Generally, in the first couple of months when baby is really small, you hardly feel the kicks and when you do, they feel like flutters or even the feeling you get when you have indigestion. As they grow bigger, you start to feel their kicks more often and indeed stronger.

Below, is a post I had written on this…

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