Daily Health Tips: What Are The Benefits Of Calcium Tablets To A Pregnant Woman?

Q: Good evening Doc, please I would like to know the benefits of PREGNACARE PLUS OMEGA-3 and CALCIUM TABLETS on pregnant women AND is it safe if a baby constantly kicks in the womb?

Hi dear, thanks for writing in. I’ll start with your last question. Babies in the womb, just like you and I, have their moments. Sometimes, they are quiet and other times they are very active. You need to know what is normal for your baby and let your doctor know when there is a difference from normal. Generally, in the first couple of months when baby is really small, you hardly feel the kicks and when you do, they feel like flutters or even the feeling you get when you have indigestion. As they grow bigger, you start to feel their kicks more often and indeed stronger.

Below, is a post I had written on this question:
Q: Good evening Doctor.Please at what month does a baby starts kicking? How good are all these supplements (Pregnacare, Obron 6) etc and at what month is a pregnant woman supposed to start taking them? Please notify me when you answer my question.

A: The first time you feel your baby’s movement is known as quickening and the time women feel it varies person to person. It ranges from 16 to 25 weeks but women who have had babies before may feel this much earlier. Women describe it as different things: a bubbly feeling; butterflies in their tummy; gas etc.

When should a woman start taking supplements? Well, to answer that it’s important to note that there are 3 vitamins that are particularly important to pregnant women:

Folic acid prevents neural tube defects which may occur during the first 28days of pregnancy. This is usually the period when quite a number of women do not even know they are pregnant. Thus, women who plan on getting pregnant should start on folic acid supplements at least 3 months before their planned date to safeguard against neural tube defects. If you haven’t started this earlier and realize you’re pregnant, start taking them as soon as possible.

Calcium is important for proper development of teeth and bones and if the woman is not taking enough, the baby, being a perfect parasite 😀 will gladly help himself from his mother’s stash of calcium in her bones! 🙂

Iron is important for the transportation of oxygen round the body.
Now, it’s important that you discuss all other supplements you were taking prior to pregnancy with your doctor, so that he can advice on what to take and what to drop, as some vitamins in excessive amounts may be harmful to baby eg Vitamin A. He will then recommend the appropriate prenatal vitamins for you.

Have a good night, y’all 😀

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