#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: Bleeding From The Nose And Mouth


Hello everyone, how are you? I hope y’all had a great week. The question below was from someone who scheduled an online one-on-one appointment with me. His questions were very interesting and I thought I’d share the second part of it today. I hope this helps someone else!
Remember that scheduling a one-on-one appointment is easy. Just go inbox to my facebook page (www.facebook.com/healthylivingwithdrketch) and follow the prompts 🙂
Q: Hello Doctor good morning, may God continue to bless your efforts in promoting wellness and healthy living. I’ve been reading other people’s question but this time I have a very pressing need and please sought your help. It’s about a woman who bleeds from nose and mouth at the same time. And much amount of blood. It takes efforts to stop. It starts from the nose and when she tries to breathe in, it comes out from the…

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