Daily Health Tips: Appetite Loss…What Do I Do?


Q. Please Doctor, may I know what food to eat due to appetite loss?

A: Thanks for writing in. The first thing really, would be to find the cause of the loss of appetite. Some people experience this as a symptom of an underlying disease which can range from thyroid problems, infections to cancers. So, excluding all these is important.

Then what to do?
• Eat smaller and more frequent meals/snacks. Some people naturally, ‘freak out’ when they see a huge bowl of food…how much more someone trying to get back into the grove of food 😀
• Limit your fluid intake when you eat and much as it breaks my heart to say so, do not fill up on too many veggies. They keep you full but provide few calories…which you need if your appetite loss is leading to weight loss.
• When you do feel hungry, don’t be…

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