Daily Health Tips: I Am Scared Because I Have Hernia.


Q: Hello Dr Ketch, I am a female; 42yrs, single and I have no child yet. Last year, I noticed a swollen part beside my navel (top of my stomach). I went for scan. It states that it’s a hernia. How can it be cured besides surgery. I am really scared. Please help me!

A: Hernia is the protrusion of an organ through a defect (like a hole or opening) in the wall of the muscle or cavity which usually holds it in place. There are different types hernias (or herniae) and they include:

Inguinal hernia: The most common type of hernia. It usually happens in situations where the pressure inside the abdomen is increased.

Other hernias include incisional hernia (where a protrusion develops from the site of a previous surgery, especially abdominal surgery), femoral hernia (which has the same risk factors as inguinal), umbilical hernia (common in black children…

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