Daily Health Tips: Please Help! I Salivate A lot!


Q: Please, how can I control my mouth saliva?

A: Ordinarily, we are all able to control the saliva in our mouths despite the enormous amounts produced daily. This is because we swallow it as needed unconsciously.

So, if you become aware of the need to consciously control the saliva in our mouths, then it could be that the production of saliva has increased or that you have a problem with swallowing.
Some causes of increased salivation include pregnancy, throat or mouth infections, some drugs and when new dentures are inserted.

Some causes of difficulty with swallowing include allergies, sinusitis and is also found in people who have Down’s syndrome.
Treatment is usually focused on the cause. So, if you’re not pregnant (:D), you might want to see a doctor to confirm a diagnosis and institute treatment.

And remember, pregnancy or any other condition that might be responsible for excessive…

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