Daily Health Tips: It’s International Women’s Day!


It is International Women’s Day! Women are in the news and for this years celebration, the focus is on pledging for parity. If you’re a man, what efforts are you making to help women in your life achieve their ambitions? Do you build them up or put them down…at home and/or in the workplace? If you’re a woman, what effort are you making to help other women fulfill their dreams and potentials?
Food for thought for all of us! In celebration of the day, we tackle a ‘mainly’ ‘woman’ issue 
Q: Good evening ma’am. Please, I want to know what type of medicine I should take because I have breast milk coming out of my breast, although it is colourless. I am not breastfeeding any baby
A: There are different issues that can cause nipple discharge. The discharge can be bloody, milky, clear etc. The colour…

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