#HLWDK Daily Health Tips: No More Discharge


Q: Hi doctor I’m no longer getting vaginal discharge. What makes my vagina dry inside? I went to doctor about it then she gave me vagina pills. The following (day?) I started my period. I thought after, I’ll go back to normal but it’s happening again. Can you please help – what to do or what to eat to bring my discharge back? I’m worried. Thank you
A: Vaginal dryness can occur due to variety of reasons and at any age. Usually the vagina has a thin film of fluid that coats it. This fluid helps lubrication during sexual intercourse, maintains the normal environment of the vagina preventing the overgrowth of organisms like fungi, flushing out dead cells and menstrual blood. The level of this fluid/moisture varies with the level of estrogen released in the body. During sexual intercourse, there is increased blood flow to the vaginal area leading to…

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