Bold For Change


Wednesday March, 8th is International Women’s Day. It is usually a busy day for me as I give a lot of talks on women’s empowerment. This year, I will be spending my first few hours with the ladies at Schlumberger discussing what this year’s theme, ‘Be Bold For Change’ means.

So, I start my exploration with you, my sister/friend…

What was your bold moment? That moment, day, event when you decided to be you? When you decided to own your story and not be defined by what others choose to call you? When did you realise that you had all it took to be great? When did you realise that there is power in the collective and choose to pull up another sister/friend?

Share your stories, ladies! Together, we can change the narrative. People think that supporting women’s causes means you’re anti-men. It doesn’t mean that! It just means that…

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