Daily Health Tips: How Can I Speed Up My Mother’s Recovery After A Partial Stroke?


Q: Good morning Dr Ketch. Thank you for your constant advice. May God richly bless you and keep you in good health. Please I need your advice. My mummy had partial stroke four years ago and she is getting better but not as fast as I want her to. She still walks with the aid of a walking stick and the unaffected leg bends backwards each time she walks. Please is there any drug she can take to help speed up her recovery? My brother massages her after she takes her bath every morning and she does some exercises on her leg and arm every morning. Also, she’s naturally a slim person but ever since the sickness, she has lost so much weight and I’m really concerned. Please what type of food should she take? I need her to put on flesh because seeing her the way she is presently…

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